Q: Why do you need it?

A: An old saying in the Restaurant business is “Don’t expect if you don’t inspect”.

Personal visits are great to engage your staff and be “hands-on” with your restaurant. But you will never get a true picture of how your customers feel, especially when you are not there

Q: In-house team or our team?

A: In-house mystery shopper or QA program is a good idea because your internally trained staff understands your brand better.

Down side of in-house QA is  that the staff has relationships and inevitably starts playing favorites. Scores become a popularity contest, especially if store manager’s incentive or raise depends on QA scores.

Q: Why Godil Consulting?

Our Directors have almost 60 years of combined F&B experience with some of the world’s top brands. We give our staff extensive training on what to look for as a customer.


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