Franchising is a heavy and ardous process.

And  if done correctly, can help your company grow very fast.

But there are dangers and rewards:


1) The Franchisee steals your idea and copies your brand, recipes, methods, everything.

Intellectual Property laws in Cambodia are still in very early stages. Besides your logo, everything else can be copied and stolen.

2) Franchisee decides to sue you for allegedly misleading him and making implied promises that cost him a loss.

3) Franchisee decides to sell products or modify the facility against your guidelines and you cannot compel him into compliance due to a weak Franchise Agreement

With a well planned and well executed Franchise growth plan, you gain a valuable partner and bigger pool of resources to grow you brand and vision. Think McDonalds or Starbucks.

Let our team guide you through the entire process and launch your brand on the world stage.

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