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Q: Why do you need it?
A: Your brand is your promise. You painstakingly built your brand to be the powerhouse with consistent execution and standards at every outlet. Protecting your Brand’s promise is one of your top concerns as you grow with new franchise partners.

Q: In-house team or our team?
A: Every Franchisor has an internal compliance audit team. But our decades of experience has shown us that internal audits can vary greatly from auditor to auditor. 

Q: Why Godil Consulting?

  1. That is where we come in. With our external audits, we can help you “CALIBRATE” your team to give you more consistent audits from site to site.
  2. With an external auditor, you can better manage your franchisees.
  3. With our custom online dashboards, you have a real-time view into your Franchisees' compliance. 

We will protect your brand’s promise to your customers.

Our FRANCHISE COMPLIANCE QA templates every aspect of your brand integrity.

We inspect over 600 items to give you a clear picture of your Franchisee Compliance

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